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The Structure Of Barber Chair And Characteristic.

Apr 07, 2020


Different from common chair and pneumatic chair is barber chair is to adjust height through hydraulic oil pump commonly, below normal circumstance hairdresser foot half step step foot frame can adjust height of barber chair arbitrarily, another back of a chair can adjust the back of a chair by hand pneumatic valve.
Normal hairdressing chair has can rise and fall function and rotate function, these designs basically are to provide convenience for hairdressing customer and hair stylist, hair stylist can from different Angle, height to the customer hair style design undertakes ponder, admire.

Barber chair sets foot type is various, set foot basically serves for customer, have the step foot that installs chair body directly and alone put two kinds of step foot, when barber chair rises to certain height, the customer can put foot to go up to step.

The seat cushion of hairdressing chair and fabric of back of a chair are to use imitated leather fabric commonly, the padding inside is sponge, integral frame package USES multilayer board and metal to wait, armrest has PU material commonly, the imitated skin sponge board structure with material of same style as chair body, metal material to wait.

Hairdressing chair base usually has five star, tortoise foot, tiger foot, round, square and so on a variety of shapes.
The material is chrome plated or stainless steel, among which the stainless steel base is relatively expensive.