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Open The Barber Shop Seat Spacing Should Not Be Less Than 1.5 Meters To Avoid Chatting With Customers

Apr 16, 2020

Open for business? Do these first

According to Pang Pang Xinghuo, there are a few points to note when opening a barber shop: First, the barber shop should maintain indoor air circulation. Open doors and windows before business, and use natural ventilation. If possible, open exhaust devices such as exhaust fans to enhance indoor air circulation.

The customer should fall on the seat after cutting (cutting) the hair. The hair on the ground should be cleaned one by one, collected in a plastic bag, and tied tightly.

The third is to provide hand-washing liquid for Gu (Guest) passenger transportation at the hand-washing place, and ensure that the faucet and other facilities are used normally. Those with toilets should be kept clean and dry. Preventive disinfection of public goods and parts in contact.

Fourthly, the public goods and appliances provided to Gu (guest) passengers should be used (displaced) and disinfected once per guest.

Fifth, establish a staff health monitoring system, strengthen employee health publicity and education, and require employees to try not to attend private parties and dinner after work. Establish a daily health monitoring system for employees and register for temperature monitoring. If employees have fever, dry cough and other symptoms, they should not be brought to work with sickness, and disposable medical masks should be implanted for timely medical treatment.